Next Luncheon Meeting:
Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Alta Sierra Country Club

Special Guest Speakers:

Mark Meuser running for Attorney General

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, 6th District

Mark Meuser, running for Attorney General and Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, 6th District

Mark Meuser is a native Californian and a small business owner.  He grew up in a family that believed firmly in a work ethic.  He started working at age 12, picking cherries in the morning and then selling them in the afternoon.  He opened a small business by the age of 21.  He graduated with honors from the Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy with a degree of Juris Doctor.  Mark then started The Meuser Law Group operating a diverse civil litigation firm that represented both individuals and small businesses.  He has helped many small business owners handle California’s complex regulatory environment.  He has fought for and won a case against United Airlines in the 9th Circuit Court.  It involved a disabled individual who was injured because UA failed to follow Federal Rules in how they handled her travel.  He has fought and won cases in court representing our first and second amendment rights.

During the summer Mark took a 45 day, 5,000 mile, “Elections Matter” bike tour throughout the state making stops in all 58 counties talking to thousands of voters along the way about how he intends to change the future of California to one of hope for everyone.

California is his home and he wants to make a difference.  In his free time, Mark loves being outdoors enjoying California’s natural beauty. Whether he is hiking, bike riding, sailing, scuba diving, or snow skiing, he is always quick to enjoy the diversity this state has to offer. He is an avid reader of American history and political biographies. 

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley represents the Sixth District in California which covers our neighbor Placer County.  He was raised in Orangevale and Granite Bay along with his three siblings.  He graduated From Harvard with a teaching degree.  He went on to Yale Law School where he was on the debate team.

After graduating from Harvard, Kevin taught 10th grade high school in South Central Los Angeles.  He chaired the English department and started am award-winning debate team which helped his students to be accepted into some of the best universities.

He was elected to the California State Assembly in 2016.  He has won statewide acclaim for his legislation to expand parental choice for underserved students, ensure impartial descriptions of ballot initiatives and end the practice of government double taxation. 

It will be interesting to hear the inside story of what is happening in Sacramento from someone who participates in the process and cares about us and the future of California.

As the elections get closer, we need to be constantly updated about what is going on in California and how we can help return our state to the fabulous place it used to be.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful event. 


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