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Next General Meeting:
Wednesday, May 19, 2021
11:30 a.m.

Foothills Event Center



NID Board President

Chris Bierwagen


Is NID a mid-size for-profit enterprise?  Is NID a non-profit corporation?  Is NID a special district?  Is NID a public utility?  Just what is NID?  Why do we elect directors to the NID board?  How do the NID directors pursue the interests of the areas from which they are elected?  How are the long range needs of the district for water assured?   What is the status of the Centennial Reservoir project?  How soon will Nevada County residents be limited to 55 gallons of water per person, per day?  Will those of us on wells have our water use metered?   Where do Nevada City and Grass Valley get the water they provide to residents?  Where does the California Water Resources Control Board fit into all this?


Mr. Bierwagen, District 2 Director and Board President of the Nevada Irrigation District will address these questions and more at our meeting in May.


According to the NID website, the Nevada Irrigation District has been around for over 100 years first providing water for mining and agriculture.  Presently NID operates 29 reservoirs, maintains hundreds of miles of canals, operates 6 water filtration and treatment plants providing drinking water to 25,000 homes and water for 30,000 acres of agricultural land, maintains several campgrounds, and has seven hydro-electric plants which generate the energy to power 60,000 homes and businesses.


Director Bierwagen farms the property his great-grandfather purchased in 1902.  In addition to various farm, agricultural, and resource boards and committees, he was a volunteer fireman, fire chief, and Fire District Board Director.  Chris Bierwagen knows intimately the life preserving powers of water and will share his insights with us on May 19th

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