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Next Meeting:
Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Casa Las Katrinas
Social 11:30
Luncheon Noon
With Special Guest Speaker:
Jack Weir

In the continuation of our “We Care” programs this year, we are delighted to have Jack Weir, President of the Contra Costa Taxpayers Association as our June speaker. The association is a non-profit, nonpartisan advocacy organization whose mission is to promote “good government at affordable cost.” The association has been championing this mission since its founding in 1937.  In addition, the association tirelessly works to bring fact-based information to voters in their ballot arguments, on their website and in their social media platforms (ccocotax.org).

As Jack further explains, working in California means they operate in a “target rich” environment with the ever-increasing flood of new taxes, fees and steady infusion of government intruding in all levels of our lives. The association’s most recent project is the “Pension Tsunami” in which they have identified the staggering unfunded public employee pension obligation. For example Contra Costa taxpayers face over $1.2 billion at the county level, and collectively over $1 billion among the cities that offer defined benefit pension plans. To put this in perspective, each county resident’s share of liability is $1,000 per resident and over $4,000 per household for work performed in the past.  Jack will review the results of Nevada County’s very own Grand Jury report issued during the jury’s 2017-2018  term. The findings of this report are stunning as well and have a major impact on both the officials who we elect in our county at all levels and the message that we, as constitutional conservatives, communicate to our voter base.

In his talk Jack will give us some insight into what new direction may be emerging in the state on these issues.

Jack is a decorated, disabled U.S. Army veteran and retired telephone executive. He is the founder of Change For The Better, a professional organizational and information systems consultancy.  Active in local government, Jack is a former Pleasant Hill councilman, former director of the County Connections transit authority, and former director of the numerous tax oversight committees. The information presented by the association has been highly effective in reaching decline-to-state voters, and may be persuasive in delivering our message of fiscal responsibility to Nevada County voters in the months leading up to the 2020 election.

Reservations may be made by e-mailing jbkinney2000@yahoo.com. If unable to e-mail, please call Judy Kinney, 530-271-5794. Please call between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. Reservation deadline is June 10, 2019.



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